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Melbourne GPO wedding photos

Melbourne GPO wedding photos

A very good inner city photo location with an interesting light and a unique look. It’s a Melbourne landmark that serves as a good meeting place, and a great place to have a bride reveal like this one. The Melbourne GPO has a center management  that is acting in the private interests of the storekeepers, however they do tolerate professional photography.Groom and best man waiting for the bride.

Photography access Melbourne GPO

There seems to be an understanding that we can use the venue for photography, without disrupting the patrons, and for a reasonable amount of time. With so many diverse and beautiful locations in walking distance, it makes good sense to make some quick fun photos and go explore somewhere new.

best man fixes the grooms button whole.

photo series of bride reveal at the Melbourne GPO

Bride Reveal


This is called a bride reveal when you make an event of revealing the bride other than the wedding ceremony. This enables several advantages to your wedding day. You can get photos together before the wedding, it’s more private than the walk down the aisle reveal, it’s another chance to personalise your day.


Bride and groom walking through Melbourne GPO Bride and groom holding hands in Melbourne GPO Bridal party leaving Melbourne GPO Bride and groom on Swanston street tram tracks

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