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Dandenongs wedding reception Tatra

Dandenongs wedding

The romance of a wedding in the Dandenongs is outright seductive and I’m glad to be working at many of the local reception venues on the mountain, for these reasons. More and more people are looking for the one location wedding plan. Once you get there you are done with transport hassles. Great for a summer heat wave, it is usually several degrees cooler on the mountain and there is always plenty of shade.

Bride and flower girl standing in window at Tatra receptions

Tatra Receptions

Tatra receptions was the choice for Shona and Jason just look out for the big set of gates at 1401 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road, Mt Dandenong VIC 3767

It’s bigger than it looks from the street, I was surprised to see how much accommodation there is and the reception venue was also bigger than expected.



Brides maids with glasses of champagne at Tatra receptions


bridal party accomodation

The rooms were well equipped for photos of the girls in the morning, high ceilings and large French windows. For photography these rooms are much easier to work with than a small city hotel room

Bride standing in window at Tatra wedding reception centreGrooms men

It’s great to see a groom standing tall and proud, strong and ready. The posture can’t hide what looks to me like some nerves. Most likely any nerves are from standing in front of one hundred and fifty people.

Groom waits for bride at garden ceremony in the Dandenongs tatra006

Flower girl

Not just the flower girl at this wedding, this is Jason and Shona’s doughter. It’s great to see she is so happy to run the isle, some kids melt from the pressure of the crowd but not this one, she just wanted dad. I photographed an action sequence of this sprint down the isle that is so good it deserves it’s own blog post.

Flower girl runs to her dad down the isle on the red carpet. Father and daughter pause before walking down the isle at Tatra reception.













Here comes the bride

I love the compassion and sensitivity you can see in the father during this part of the day.

Father and bride walking down the isle.

 Garden ceremony

As luck will sometimes pay out, this day was moderately warm, not windy and just pleasant. This I’m sure is what most people hope for in a garden wedding ceremony. When choosing a location for a garden ceremony the best advice I could give is to visit the location on a sunny day at the preferred time of ceremony, you want to ensure that you are both in the shade. In a worst case scenario one of you may cast a shadow across the others face, or one of you may be in the shade whilst the other is in the sun. If you are both lit well if it is too bright you may feel the need to squint. I wish celebrants were trained to identify these issues since they are setting up the ceremony location when I am photographing the bride. I always advice my brides and grooms on how a location may effect the photography and their comfort during ceremony. Like most things wedding it is better to prepare than to wing it.

Bridal party in ceremony under steel archway at Tatra wedding reception tatra012 tatra013 tatra014 Bride and groom exchanging vows in the garden at Tatra wedding reception mount Dandenong.Photo location the bridge

A quick walk over the bridge and we moved on to photo locations that would accommodate the whole bridal party.

The bridge at Tatra with bride and groom walking across it.
The Chapel

It’s always good to have a wet weather plan and Tatra has a chapel for dreary we Melbourne day’s. We liked the vines and I played with the sun bursting through the trees to ad the feeling of warm summer afternoon.

Bridal party in front of chapel at Tatra wedding reception.


Walk in the garden

They look so happy and relaxed just how I would like to feel on my wedding day.I would like to see how this location would look with some sunset gold light in it.

Shona and Jason newly married walk through the gardens the look of newlyweds as the bride and groom walk hand in hand looking at each other.

Under the tree

A good example of a wedding location with option of sun, shade, and a mix of the two for effect. What opens up options as much as a good location is a willingness to get the dress dirty. Most often the dress will photograph so bright you won’t see the dirt.


The fountain at Tatra

One quick last photo before entering reception. The fountain really gave way to the sun as a secondary interest, creating this beautiful but controlled flair effect. Luckily I had my step ladder or this photo would have been much more difficult.


Reception entrance


Bride and groom dance at Tatra wedding reception centre, in celebration of their marriage. The photo shows chandeliers and guests taking photos. One of my favourite types of dance photos, here we show the movement of the bride and groom and have the sharp expressions. Also some audience participation. The technique is called dragging the shutter and when done slow enough I can usually include some flashes from guest cameras, the result is unique and surprising.

tatra024 Bride groom and their daughter cut the cake together at Tatra wedding reception. tatra027 tatra028 tatra029



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