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Ballara Receptions Eltham

Ballara Reception

Father of the bride helping the bride get out of the wedding car at Ballara reception I really like the excitement in this photo.


Many visits to Ballara reception centre have always been a good experience and I would gladly work there again. It is located at 1435 Main Road Eltham, it is an easy drive from Melbourne, it has lots of parking, the staff are very professional, and the drinks come out fast. The last two times I was at Ballara, it has been extremely hot, recently 39 and windy at lunch time. On such a day I feel like I have some aces up my sleeve, knowing there is lots of shade around the lake, and that if the chapel is empty it stays very cool on account of the high ceiling.

Bride and father anticipating the walk down the isle This last look between father and bride say’s so much about their relationship. Only they will fully appreciate what this glance means. Father and bride stand in the chapel archway Dad give away some advice before giving his daughter away

To the far left is our reception coordinator who was fast, attentive, polite and happy.

Half length portrait of father and bride walking down the isle They both look like they are enjoying the moment. Wide shot of chapel This was a smaller wedding but there is plenty of room for more guests. Ceremonial kiss of the wedding ceremony Often celebrants will call for a second kiss, but I am proud to say that I have never needed it and always get the kiss shot. Marriage Certificate Comfortable, relaxed and happy bride and groom. All I could ask for. Flower girl and brides maid give the bouquet's a drink of water from the fountain. I generally don’t find fountains a feature to photograph at weddings, except when the people make a moment out of it. I don’t know if this quick drink freshened up the bouquet’s for this flower girl and brides maid, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt. Bride kisses groom on the cheek She is obviously very pleased with her man. group photo of a wedding party with guests in the driveway at Ballara reception It was early afternoon and the sun was quite harsh. With the agreement of my bride and groom we put the wedding party’s back to the sun so they would be squinting and frowning at me. This also enables me to call for people to take their sun glasses off so we can have everyone’s face shown in the photo. There are plenty of photos with the chapel and the fountain and also the front door at Ballara, so I was happy to feature the faces of the guests for this photo. Bride and groom rub noses, often called an Eskimo kiss. Lots of people do what I always knew as the Eskimo kiss. It is probably something they do in day to day life.

Under the gazebo is an obvious photo location, so obvious it is fair to assume that most bridal parties will make photographs here. The next time I am at Ballara I’ll invite my bride and groom to step out of reception at night to get some interesting low light photography.

Bride and groom speaking at reception A funny speech is a good speech, most people would agree. Funny wedding speeches certainly are the best to photograph. If funny is not an option short is almost as good.


Bride touches groom on the cheek during speaches They will remember the pun that provoked this embrace forever. Bride and groom cut the wedding cake as the flower girl looks on This might have been more fun if the flower girl had a hand on the knife too. Bride and groom walk hand in hand to the dance floor. Rushing out for a quick spin on the dance floor. Bride and groom kiss on the dance floor. This lunch time reception was bound to look different on the dance floor since it was not dark. I enhanced the mood by softly lighting the bride and groom more that the background, this gives them an isolation effect. Appropriate because I’m sure this kiss felt like the whole world.

bride and groom waltzing.


Bride and groom dancing She looks very comfortable in his arms. Bride and groom dancing, the band is seen in the back ground. This photo shows the band which were very good. It helped that they played all the old daggy music I love.

Brides review

“We were exceptionally impressed by the quality and professionalism provided by Thorley Photography. Your wedding day is naturally stressful at times, however Nick managed to relax everyone with his wonderful sense of humour. It is clear to see when looking over the photos, that Nick captured every moment. We were amazed that he was able to be in so many places at once! Now, thanks to Nick, we have stunning memories of our special day which will last a life time. We would more than highly recommend Thorley Photography to any Bride & Groom or for any special occasion. Five Stars.”


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