Melbourne GPO wedding photos

Bride and groom on Swanston street tram tracks © 2013 thorley. All rights reserved.

Melbourne GPO wedding photos A very good inner city photo location with an interesting light and a unique look. It’s a Melbourne landmark that serves as a good meeting place, and a great place to have a bride reveal like … Continue reading

Immerse Winery Wedding Photos

immerse__winery_002b © 2013 thorley. All rights reserved.

Immerse Winery wedding photo gallery Photographing at Immerse has always been a good experience, and I can’t blame them for the threatening weather I always seem to get there. These stormy clouds only added beauty and texture to my backgrounds.

Dandenongs wedding reception Tatra

Groom is sitting under tree with his bride. © 2013 thorley. All rights reserved.

Dandenongs wedding The romance of a wedding in the Dandenongs is outright seductive and I’m glad to be working at many of the local reception venues on the mountain, for these reasons. More and more people are looking for the … Continue reading

Ballara Receptions Eltham

_MG_0193_pano © 2013 thorley. All rights reserved.

Ballara Reception   Many visits to Ballara reception centre have always been a good experience and I would gladly work there again. It is located at 1435 Main Road Eltham, it is an easy drive from Melbourne, it has lots of … Continue reading