Wedding photography must capture the joy and excitement of the day. When you have worked so hard at styling the look of the day, it’s essential to find a photographer that’s going to work with the light, rain, hail or shine and turn opportunity into images. The genuine moments and small details are what we aspire to capture at Thorley Photography.
Every wedding will call on the real skills of the photographic trade, to capture all of those essential moments like your first kiss as husband and wife or a groomsman discretely drying the tears from his cheek.
Nick Thorley loves photographing the bride and grooms first dance. “It incorporates so many of the qualities and challenges that first attracted me to wedding photography. The action is exciting to photograph and the photos never fail to surprise those who remember how impossibly dark it was”. The fast movement mixes fun moments that can only be captured by a skilled and practiced photographer. The dark environment of the dance-floor has resulted in Thorley Photography producing creative unique pictures that mix sharpness with movement. Many couples that Nick has photographed feel that some of their favourite photos are from the dance floor.
As a fully accredited professional photographer Nick feels “True crisp black and white photographs with grain and texture can multiply the mood of your wedding pictures. Stripping away the colour enables us to draw the eye closer to the content, into the eyes, further describing the emotion and character”. If you like black and white as much as we at Thorley Photography and hope to capture the emotion of the day visit our Contact page to view our price list and set up an appointment. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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