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Large format camera weight

The camera is getting heavy but not for the timber which is wester red cedar. I have worked with fiberglass and love for it’s versatile strength but the convenience of straight edges and right angles easily acquired in timber is too tempting. Also cedar is probably a very good strength weight ratio. As for the weight it is in the lens and bellows, the lens is what it is and I’m going to redo the tapered part of the bellows. Also I am making a telescopic frame (frame inside frame) that will join and track with draw tracks from the hardware store, they are steel and heavy also.

The point I feel a bit stumped on this camera is extending the tilt shift controls from the front standard to the rear where I will be. I need something like a speedo cable for a car but something that will be strong operating in both directions.

view_camera_003 view_camera_004 view_camera_005 view_camera_006 view_camera_007 view_camera_008

Process lens


Here is an old process lens used to reproduce a flat image and often mounted to a vertical camera. These lenses are affordable because they are usually uncoated, very large and heavy, made out of steel and have a distinctly working class look about them. I chose this leng expecting large coverage.A quick demonstration proves I’ll have movement on a 14′ plate. I purchased this lens with very little knowledge of it’s original use and spent many hours searching for some information, this is the best I have found http://www.arnecroell.com/czj.pdf

view_camera_011 view_camera_012 view_camera_013 view_camera_014 view_camera_015


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  1. Barry Young

    Very nicely done. I suggest a bicycle cable which moves a lever for transferring your front movements to the rear of the camera. This allows easy motion transfer regardless of the bellows draw.

    Best of luck.

    Barry Young
    Young Camera Company

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