the view camera struggle

photographer Nick Thorley using 5x4 Bourke and James © 2012 thorley. All rights reserved.

Thank you Zarya Volya not just for taking this image but also for the loan of your coat needed to see the camera back. I almost lost this coat to the wind. A permanent shade cloth on the camera would be … Continue reading

Tidal River

landscape photography taken at Tidal River Wilsons Promontory © 2012 thorley. All rights reserved.

The taking of this photo drew a crowd mixed with tourists and NMIT students, everyone likes a big old wooden camera. It was windy and my tripod was on a bridge so I wasn’t game to shoot at 1/10th of … Continue reading

Wilsons Promontory workshop

Landscape photography at wilsons promotory © 2012 thorley. All rights reserved.

The rustic look of this image is not just a creative choice but also a luxury. I don’t need to run my darkroom like a surgery theatre if I can enjoy some light scratches in the emulsion and uneven development. … Continue reading