Tintype photography

© 2014 thorley. All rights reserved.

I had been researching collodion wet plate photography on and off for months. I thought I would have to implement the technique on my own just to experience it, unlike in the united states wet plate photography is very niche … Continue reading

view camera

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content/uploads/2014/01/view_camera_002.jpg” alt=”view_camera_002″ width=”480″ height=”320″ /> Large format camera weight The camera is getting heavy but not for the timber which is wester red cedar. I have worked with fiberglass and love for it’s versatile strength but the convenience of straight … Continue reading

Paper Negative

paper negative photo of an old computer with swirly developer effect. © 2013 thorley. All rights reserved.

Paper negative I have enjoyed photographing on paper and am here to share a sample of process. There is a freedom I encourage you to experience by breaking outside the normal photographic format, which seems to satisfy most people. This … Continue reading

Korumburra landscape from the roadside

landscape of rolling hills near Korumburra © 2012 thorley. All rights reserved.

By the roadside around Korumburra, an unusual look is achieved with long focal length by minimising the subject matter in a landscape. There is also a strange look to the colours, this was done in Adobe Lightroom. By selectively de saturating … Continue reading

Stop The Car

landscape photograph © 2012 thorley. All rights reserved.

Stop the car is a game I play on most long trips when I have a camera. The rules are simple, if you see something that looks good you yell “STOP THE CAR” then you get out and photograph it. … Continue reading

Dead Wood

landscape of bush fire damage © 2012 thorley. All rights reserved.

Just pattern and a texture that lacks centre of interest, all I came up within the fading light. I would say the portrait of me is better than my landscape. Is it because people are more interesting? was digital and … Continue reading

Cracked Concept

landscape photo taken at Squeaky Beach by Nicholas Thorley on 5x4 sheet film © 2012 thorley. All rights reserved.

A simple image of an interesting rock at Squeaky Beach. This image is testimony to the dynamic range of black and white film. Scanned by a barbarian with an SLR, developed in dregs, shot in full sun with an uncoated … Continue reading