portrait of Nick Thorley Photographer


For photographer Nick Thorley, the art of creating images was his given birth right.  Renowned teacher in oil painting and Nick’s Grandfather, Graham Thorley instilled the appreciation of the image by encouraging and nurturing a young Nick’s skills before he could even ride a bike
At home, Nick also gained valuable lessons into sculpture as his mother Marie Thorley,  also an avid art sculptor, made sure that any median of expression was available at all times.  Through knowledge gained at a tender age, it was known on both sides of Nick’s family that his profession would be in the art of image making. His Uncle saw in Nick, the skills of an architect and Nick’s fifth grade teacher once said that he’d be a starving artist!

Nick honed in on his skills and learnt the true art – and business of photography at Photography Studies College (PSC) in Southbank, Melbourne.  The college is an institution that has paved success for many key industry photographers. Whilst undertaking study at PSC, Nick was also studying other areas of the photography at NMIT.  

Nick Thorley, an old soul at heart,  intended to buck the trends of shooting waif-like models with heavy retouching. Nick celebrated his graduation with his aptly titled exhibition “OLD SKILLS” A collective of environmental portraits of old tradesmen  - and with much success.

The fast pace of digital now offering instant images, once shot called for countless re-shoots and this is where Nick recognized the spirit of photography was slowly diminishing. To counter the trend of (shoot then look), Nick performs ‘vintage’ photography in his leisure time.  The complete involvement and pre visualization required for his work makes every image of absolute importance and depth.

Nick has worked on small to large assignments. Be it solos or,and with other skilled designers, photographers and advertisers. Established businesses large and small often use Nick Thorley for various projects over the years and continue to do so.

With a set of fresh eyes and an old soul, Nick’s enduring passion creates images that challenge and redefine expectations from contemporary photography.